Codependency is an excessive and unhealthy reliance on a partner,
possibly involving addiction, mental illness, or other dysfunctional patterns.


Are you experiencing any of these patterns in your life?

  • Constantly people-pleasing and seeking approval from others.

  • Neglecting your own needs to meet the needs of others.

  • Finding yourself in relationships with people you need to rescue.

  • Having difficulty expressing your feelings to others.

  • Lost sense of identity.

  • Feeling responsible for things that are out of your control.

  • Judging yourself harshly.

  • Low self-esteem.

  • Feeling emotionally burnt out from taking care of everyone else or being the peacemaker.

These are just a few of the common patterns from being raised in a family with dysfunction. We may not recognize at first how deeply our childhood experiences still impact us today. Are you starting a family or thinking about having a family one day? Are there some things you notice in your own family that you do not want to pass down to your kids? Maybe you don’t want to treat your partner the way you’ve seen others in your family behave.

This is not about blaming your loved ones or making them out to be bad people. This is about digging to the root of dysfunctional family patterns, choosing to do the hard work to unpack the past, and make changes to have the future you want for your future family.


Through our work together, I’ve seen my clients experience these results:

  • Better able to identify how their patterns get in their way on a daily basis.

  • Experience self-acceptance.

  • Challenge those old unhelpful beliefs about themselves and the world.

  • Speak honestly and lovingly to assert their needs with others.

  • Learn to say “No.”

  • Healthier relationships with honest communication.

  • Put themselves and their future family first.

  • Truly breaking the cycle of unhealthy family dynamics.


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