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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and I am Perinatal Mental Health Certified.

Perinatal Emotional Health: Whether you are pregnant or you recently gave birth, emotions are running high and you’re not on your A-game. Between keeping yourself and your baby alive, how does anyone have time to do laundry? You just want some relief and to believe your life is somewhat under control. I am Perinatal Mental Health Certified by Postpartum Support International and actively involved with the Perinatal Emotional Health Network of WNC. I love working with women through all stages of reproductive health.

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Anxiety & Trauma: You feel anxious and disconnected from your body. You have difficulty trusting others and maybe even trusting yourself. You are crawling out of your skin. The majority of my work has been with women who experienced some level of trauma. I know PTSD symptoms like the back of my hand and I’ve experienced them myself. This may sound strange, but I actually love talking about trauma. One of my favorite experiences with my clients is just sharing information about the brain and trauma and watching my clients feel relief and a more clear understanding of their symptoms and responses. I have attended and facilitated countless trainings on Trauma-Informed Care, so it’s very important to me that you feel safe, heard and respected.


If you would like to know more about my personal story with reproductive trauma and mental health, you can hear it on this podcast. Click on the photo to listen.


I have lived in Asheville since 2008. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of North Carolina Asheville, then my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Carolina University.

I am vegan, I do CrossFit, and here’s a photo of my dog, just because.

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