I’m glad you’re here.

Are you lying awake in bed at night worrying, “Why do I keep attracting the wrong guys?” “Will it be this way forever?” “Am I to blame for what happened to me?”

Or maybe you are a new mom and thinking, “Am I bad mom?” “Other mom’s aren’t having these thoughts.” “This was supposed to be the best time of my life but it’s not.” “I am losing my shit.”

You are not alone. Even though these are very common experiences, they can be exhausting and overwhelming to live with. The good news is, you don’t have to live with it any longer.

With support, these are the changes you can see:

  • Identify the patterns holding you back.

  • Take charge of your thoughts.

  • Align with your values and pursue your goals.

  • Experience the difference between “selfish” and “self-care.”

  • Feel confident while getting your needs met in healthy, respectful ways.

  • Find a balance in your life.

I will support you on your own personal journey of being the healthiest version of yourself to make the kind of impact you want to have on your family and others around you, maybe even the world.

My top specialties are perinatal mental health, codependency, and healing from trauma. Click on the buttons below for more details on each topic.

Additional topics I enjoy working with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship problems & break-ups

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

  • Birth trauma

  • Medical Trauma

  • Domestic Violence

  • Emotional/Psychological Abuse

  • Grief & loss

  • Women’s issues

  • Feminism

  • Activists

  • Animal Care Workers

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Self Esteem

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Counseling

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